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The Wesley Center Food Pantry

Thank you for your interest in providing food for our students at Paris Junior College! Our goal is to always have available food for college students who walk in hungry. Meaningful relationships can only develop once basic needs have been met. Students have been talking with their friends and accompanying The Wesley Center to build a food list that will be received well by our student population. We'll continue to adjust our list as desires shift. 

This online platform will help us manage inventory for the food pantry, so we can continue to offer a diverse selection of options and not become overwhelmed with any one item. Please add the items that you'll be bringing to The Wesley Center into your cart and complete the checkout process. This will simply update our inventory list. No payment will be taken on this site. Thank you SO much for supporting our students and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Drop Off Times: Mon-Wed, 1-5pm

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